Wednesday, April 19, 2006

roller coaster

Last night before I went to bed I was thinking about how our 96.23% stressy-lifestyle was seeming to simmer down to a modest 87.73%.

This morning in the shower I did some more thinking and was pretty sure that I was only about 64.031% stressed, which I think to be fabulous for our current situation. Things are looking up... I can still eat what I want for a couple of weeks, and our fingers are crossed for a clean scan next month.

I drove to work. I talked to my parents, who are totally stressed out about stuff going on in LBG. Granted, there's little I can do from OKC to help, but it stressed me out, anyhow. 74.49%.

By lunch I had settled to a 71.367%. But my fuse was really short and I was struggling to not snap at people. One very nice patient wanted to come tell me how her pastor's sermon this past weekend would be a really good lesson for me to hear, which was a terribly sweet gesture that I wasn't entirely in the mood to hear. Such is life. 71.37%.

In the bathroom I notice my scar is splotchy red. It doesn't itch, but lots of nerves were cut during the surgery, and I still don' t have a lot of feeling in that area. I play show and tell with some of the nurses with whom I work. One of the MDs thinks I'm having a reaction to the neosporin I was using. Who ever heard of being allergic to neosporin? 76.112%.

Mid-afternoon The Hater calls. What? No, of course I didn't try to spend $3,000 last night... Yes, of course I have my debit card... What?? Oh, yeah, it's exactly what you're thinking; someone has stolen my information and was trying to buy advertisement with Yahoo. 89.23%.

I crap you not. When it rains, it pours.

A couple of hours later he calls back to say he thinks he's fixed it. The bank and Yahoo are going to take care of us. I cut up my card. 85.7809%. Yahoo will make that account fraudulant, but will probably not press charges, even though they have contact information from the people who stole stuff. 85.79%.

We watched a movie tonight, a nice no-brainer to help distract us from the world. We ate free sandwiches for supper and free popcorn at the movies. Ace was voted off of Idol. Zoloft has discovered a box to explore. Our AC is working. My friend wore his special Christmas present sparkly boxers and showed off his exhibitionism.

I'm going to go to bed soon, settled back down to a proud 82.217%, which is still an approximate 5.03% net decrease from this time yesterday, which is a good thing, granted the scheme of things. However, if I have to strap in for another ride in order to drop some more percentage points tomorrow, I'll have no other choice but to follow Alexander...

I'm moving to Australia.


Kate said...

Wow... allergic to neosporin. Bummer.

I hear Australia is nice this time of year.

Molly Jane said...

I was just thinking of moving to Australia yesterday. They seem to be a fun loving bunch.

Stress: Can you have a drinky yet? I'm thinking a tequila/fruit concoction.

Love ya!

nicole said...

I'm so, so, so sorry that things are going rough for you right now. I wish I knew the right words to say that would suddenly pep you up but I'm never good in that department. All I can say is that we're here for you whenever you need us! :)

genderist said...

One time I was travelling home I was at some airport doing the layover thing. Some random guy came up to me and said, you know, when my daughter was down I'd always read her this book. Even after she grew up and had more adult problems, I'd make her sit next to me and we'd read it together. You look like someone should read it to you, and if I had one with me, I'd do it.

I thought it was a totally random sweet thing for a totally random stranger to say.

Anonymous said...

"This too shall pass." Grandmother of the VolAbroad and mother of VM

"How long, oh, how long?" Frank Clement, former governor of TN (deceased)