Thursday, April 20, 2006


I was given some roses for my birthday, and they're trying to look yucky now. I think I'm going to go herbicidal on them and send them on to the big compost in the sky.

Incidently, these were the first long-stem roses that I've ever received.

Also, incidently, they weren't from The Hater. They were from my supervisor and her husband.

The Hater has no comment.

In a couple of weeks I'll get some flowers to set out on the deck. I think this year I'm going to purchase a strawberry pot and fill it with hens and chicks, too. I'll probably go with asparagus fern and ornamental pepper plants again... but the last pot -- I've got several choices, but don't know what I want to try for the hot, hot, hot all-day sun. Our porch is a warm, toasty place to be during the summer.


nicole said...

Aww, you got flowers! And can I send you belated birthday wishes again without looking too idiotic?

By the way, love "going herbical" idea is hilarious! ;)

the count said...

You should totally buy the Hater a dozen long stemmed roses on his birthday and when he thanks you you should say, "Yeah, it's nice to receive beautiful flowers on your birthday, isn't it? Oh, that's right, I wouldn't know because you've never bought me any!" Then you yell, "Ha, ha! ZINGER!"

Just a thought.

The Meat Machine said...

Aw, what a nice gift. AD got Mom some beautiful flowers for her birthday, and I have to say, what an incredibly thoughtful gift. Take it easy on yourself! :)

Eli Blake said...

After reading the post you preceded this one with, I thought the super power you got could be:

Weather control. You could: Cast the light of day on some situations, rain on someone's parade, put a snow job over on those who deserved one, hail to the chief (or at least on the chief) and blow the house down all at a whim.

genderist said...

THanks guys!

genderist said...

And I think weather control is a great idea... It would be a nice, clear 77 degrees year-round with easy showers to keep things green!!