Saturday, April 01, 2006

the countdown begins

My parents came into the city tonight in time to invite us to supper. They made it in about 12 hours, which is about par for the course. We had a nice visit and sent them on to the hotel so they could recover.

We came back to the apartment and cleaned like mad people. The cat is terrorized by the vacuum cleaner, which always secretly amuses us. She's still running around in circles looking for it, although it's been put up for a while now.

We're caught up with laundry. I'm going to start the dishwasher soon. Then I plan on zonking hard and sleeping well tonight.

As far as the cancer goes, it's still there.

I'm trying not to be one of those people who says "I've never been sick in my life, and then I got cancer", because those patients get on my nerves. I'm trying not to be like my patients who whine and complain. Right now I'm trying most to be like my patients who always seem so graceful and held together, those who smile and emit calmness.

You know, fake it 'til you make it.


Anonymous said...

Lara, just look at it as a character building adventure -- although its not so new to you except the role.

Tell your Mom and Dad we send our love -- to them and to you.

The Meat Machine said...

Girl, you're such a wonderful person. (Besides, SOMEONE has to be on Ass Patrol for AD. He's slackin'. Get out to Cali when you're better.) You'll get through this just fine.

nicole said...

In my opinion, you're ALREADY the calm, graceful patient. I could only hope to be as poised as you in such a situation. :)

Kate said...

Thinking of you - don't know whether the surgery was today (Monday) or tomorrow (the 4th), but either way, I'm thinking of you.

Kris said...

We're pulling for ya - let us know how you're doing when you can ;)