Tuesday, April 18, 2006

rhyme time

This morning in the shower I tried to think of words that rhymed with the word bored. Following is a partial list of one-syllable words I came up with:
board, chord, cord, fjord, floored, foard, ford, forde, goard, gored, gourd, hoard, hord, horde, jorde, lord, mord, nord, nored, norred, oared, ord, plourde, pored, poured, roared, scored, shored, soard, soared, stored, sward, sword, ward, warde

I think I need a new shower-hobby.


nicole said...

Nothing wrong with that little game. I'm sure it keeps the neurons firing and the synapses...synapsey! ;)

Kate said...

You missed "cored". Like an apple.


genderist said...

You're right! Two points for you!