Monday, April 24, 2006


The Hater finally delcared it safe to come home. It's raining and humid here, but the really bad weather has moved on. See, he's a mountain-region kid, and they didn't play tornado games like I did growing up. When we first moved, anytime a weather warning would come on tv he'd get excited and make me put my shoes on.

Finally he matured to the tornado sirens and didn't get really excited every time they sounded. We'd calmly turn on the tv and see that danger was miles away and there was really no need to put on our jeans and shoes to fight the mighty wind.

Tonight there were multiple tornadoes west of us headed directly this way. We live on the second story of an apartment complex and really don't have a close place to seek shelter. We have his work, of course, but not a place where, if the tv mandated you take shelter immediately, we could go other than the only room without a window or on the outside corner of the apartment -- the bathroom. And although we've never actually left the house because of tornado concerns, tonight seemed like the night to do it. Several other people were pulling out of the complex as we were, too.

So when the sirens sounded and they said it would be at our intersection within thirty minutes, we threw all of our wind-up-storm-paranaphanalia and left. Don't worry- we have a carrier for the cat, which she hates.

When we came back to the apartment The Hater asked if I was mad that he "overreacted". I told him that I wasn't because when we left it really did look like we were going to be in danger. We mused that we never thought we'd get the c-bomb dropped on us -- like we never thought we'd get hit by a tornado.

With how our luck has been going lately, leaving was probably the best thing we could do. We're ready to retire from being a statistic.

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Kate said...

Glad to hear y'all're safe.

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