Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Vol Mom

Special birthday wishes to my biggest fan in LBG, Vol Mom. The Hater and I hope that you have a great day -

May you always catch the yellow light at Cyclone Corner-
May your numbers always crunch the first time-
May you always be surrounded by those who love you-
May your heart be filled with peace, love, and understanding-
and flowers continue to follow as footsteps wherever you may go...
Happy Birthday! We love you!

Vol Mom is mother to Vol Abroad. My mother and Vol Mom grew up neighbors and are good friends. Vol Mom's son, Vol Bro, and I were in the same class. Once Vol Bro and I were at his grandfather's house and Vol Bro wanted to make cookies. We made a big mess of dough, but then realized that neither of us were allowed to turn on the oven to cook them. I voted we do away with the dough to avoid being in trouble for playing in the kitchen. Vol Bro proceeded outside to the carport, bowl of dough in hand, and used the wooden spoon to flip the dough up to the ceiling. I remember dough on the carport, dough on the ceiling, dough in his hair, dough on his shirt and up his arms. His giggles were quelled when his grandfather came around the corner and pulled him back inside the house. (At which point Sister and I returned to Nana's house, two doors down.) The end. HBDTY, Vol Mom.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, you made my day! VM

Vol Abroad said...

Dang - outflanked!

Vol Abroad said...

Oh yeah, and VolMom never, ever goes through cyclone corner! She always cuts around.

nicole said...

Yes, a very happy birthday!!! :)

Vol Mom's quite an interesting name...