Monday, March 20, 2006

unzip the precip

As of last week the state of Oklahoma was 12 inches behind on rainfall... which would help to explain all of the fire problems that we've had lately. Today I heard thunder and I really couldn't think of the last time I heard the thunderation.

But this weekend! This weekend it started raining Saturday morning and didn't quit until this morning. It was a nice, slow drizzle, and things are already starting to green-up. I'm super excited.

Right now it's really windy and our chimes are singing a bangy tune. It's music to my ears.


nicole said...

Yeah, I guess if you haven't had much in the way of precipitation then you could actually be excited when it arrives. Especially when it brings in the first signs of spring -- yippee! :)

Kate said...

They got a LOAD of snow back home in my chunk of Canada the other day.

I imagine it's all melting now, though. Maybe.

Definitely spring here in the UK, though - more than just the snowdrops are starting to bloom!