Friday, March 17, 2006


There was a time where I was a super morning person. I woke up before the alarm went off and hit the ground running. It annoyed most people, but it worked for me.

Now it's somewhat different. I'm tired all of the time. ALL of the time. I'm having a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings. I'm tired at work. Then after supper it's all that I can do to stay awake for a couple of hours, and usually fall asleep on the couch early in the evening.

My coworkers think that I'm energetic and perky, and I guess compared to them I am. It's really not a fair comparison when they've all got at least twenty or thirty years on me... But the point is that I'm tired.

The last few weeks I've been too tired to do my workout tape in the mornings. I thought maybe if I started exercising that my tiredness would dissipate. I tried it for about four weeks, but it started making me more tired. It lives in the closet now with our other movies.

It's morning and I'm getting ready for work... except I'd rather be sleeping. I think I'm going to write a policy and procedure for my manager that will require all employees to take a paid three hour nap every afternoon. I think I could convince her that it really would increase productivity during the active hours...

My big plan this weekend? After I work and eat my oatmeal? I'm going to sleep with blind abandon.


nicole said...

My concentration died at the end of that first sentence. I have NO idea how to become a morning person. Even when I'm forced to wake up early, I don't truly become SENTIENT until, say, 11:30.

So your plans for this weekend? Sound DELICIOUS! ;)

genderist said...

Just had supper-- let me just tell you about how wonderful chocolate oatmeal is one more time... it's delicious.

And the beer isn't the best combo with it, but my Irish blood is protesting louder than my voice of reason...

Kate said...

Honestly - I feel your pain. I can wake up at 10 in the morning, go to bed at midnight, wake up at 10 the next morning and still be stupid tired.

And let's not even talk about when I was working night shifts. Those screwed me up royally.