Friday, March 10, 2006

kitty jail

I think she knows it's coming.

When apartment people have to come in to do maintenance with the AC or do bug sprays or look to make sure the ceiling hasn't fallen in, they put up flyers a few days in advance so that pet owners can close their pets in another room. Zoloft knows this as kitty jail.

Yesterday she did hard time in kitty jail. She had our bathroom and bedroom to wander and control, but The Hater said that she started crying for parole as soon as he came home. We played hard with her last night (with her favorite string and the laser pointer). This morning we revisited the string and she's been very vocal with us, demanding love and attention.

Little does she know that today is another day she'll have to spend in kitty jail, and she'll have no chance to post bail until I get home from work tonight.

It's so hard to be a spoilled inside cat.


Kate said...

Bwahahaha... Poor kitty.

Mind if I ask why Zoloft for a name?

I'm unable to have a cat right now (how I'd dearly love one, though... must be my witch's familiar considering how evil I am) so I'm living vicariously through your kitty anecdotes.

genderist said...

I don't know if there's a good reason-- we just decided that would be a great name for a cat... And she acts like she has social anxiety disorders sometimes... (she's afraid of people who aren't me or The Hater)

nicole said...

Oh yeah, I remember those days well.

I couldn't shut my cats in one room for the day or they'd eventually try to destroy it! Instead I'd have to chauffeur them all the way down to my parents' house (an adventure unto itself).