Saturday, March 04, 2006

out of control

My husband needs a haircut. He has it fluffed up while he's watching the Duke game.

Last week he shaved his beard because he was tired of playing those games. He had thought about just keeping a goatee, but he ended up shaving it, too. Which is fine - how he wears his facial hair is up to him.

The thing about the beard was it helped to anchor his face so that you didn't notice as much if he needed a haircut. Tonight, babyface has an out of control swag on top of his head... and it's cracking me up.


nicole said...

You had me cracking up the first paragraph. FLUFFED UP???

genderist said...

Yeah, it was so bad I threatened to take pictures... but he's had it cut now.

I wish I would've taken a picture... that could've been good ammo.