Saturday, March 11, 2006


C-P, me? R-U-C-P? L, no!

The Hater and I ended up pimping ourselves out in Midwest City today for work-related things. They quickly added our names to their bank, but never officially assigned us to help. We picked up some things on our own, but after lunch we were given the 'you're no longer needed' nod.

Much after this I don't remember. I fell asleep in the car on the ride back to the apartment, at which point I climbed into bed and slept for another three hours.

So I'm awake now, but thinking seriously about going back to sleep for the night. That's right, folks, it's another exciting day in OKC. I deserved this weekend!

M-R ducks. C-M-P-N?


genderist said...

PS: The Hater is elated that Duke beat Wake. He says this is worthy of mentioning.

nicole said...

I somehow feel like I missed the meaning of some of this post. I don't know why, though.