Tuesday, March 28, 2006

been neckin'

I had a great trip home, in spite of the c-bomb. My flight was delayed, which gave me more time to abhor the Kansas City airport. It was almost midnight when I made it back to the apartment, zonking shortly thereafter.

Zoloft continues to follow me around like a puppy. She keeps crying and bringing me a string. I think she's upset that I didn't bring back a baby flying squirrel.

One of the hilights of my surprise trip home was visiting the property in Giles County. The pond was a perfect hue of green. Dad was checking bird boxes when he found a flying squirrel nest... and we had a fun time playing with the babies. It's been years since I held such sweet babies!

This morning I'll leave work to meet with the surgeon. I'll update as I get more information. Thanks for all of your kind words and wishes.

And I almost forgot the tagline to the title of the post... When I was at home the bruises on my neck looked like hickeys. One of the old men drinking coffee on the square asked me if my husband knew that I'd been neckin' while I was out of town. I didn't drop the c-bomb on him.

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nicole said...

OMG, I'm having the absolute HARDEST time reading your post because the picture of that baby squirrel is so cute! :)