Thursday, March 09, 2006

somewhat late

Yesterday was International Women's Day, which makes this post tardy. I will stay in from recess and write "Next time I will consult my calander." 100 times on the chalkboard for the rest of the week.

Womens' rights have come a long way, baby, and much of this is thanks to the United Nations. I think the UN rocks and that some political leaders in this world need to make better efforts to work together. Although I could continue a post about politics and the UN, how some leaders need a time-out, how the International Criminal Court really is a good idea... this post should be about gender issues and language.

Language? What does language have to do with gender issues?

You might be surprised. I challenge you today to be an active listener to your own conversations and the conversations around you. Listen to the adjectives and pronouns used to describe people.... figure out what distinctions you use when describing a person to someone else.

PS: Happy Birthday, Mom. I know you don't read this blog, but well-wishes are with you, anyhow!


nicole said...

Happy Birthday to G-Mom! :)

I love, love, love, love linguistics. I honestly wish I'd spent more time learning languages as a kid because I think I'd be killer at it. But no one had the foresight to immerse me in some advanced language courses back when I was in diapers. ;)

Molly Jane said...

I agree, we should definately watch our language. Its amazing how many people unknowingly use the word "man" when describing all peoples. And, referring to men as "men" but reffering to women as "girls". That's my favorite.
Peace out!