Thursday, January 20, 2011

with pom-poms, no less

I finished baby hat #2 yesterday and the pink baby doll was eager to model again. I made it the same way as the first one on the circle loom, but this time I used a different yarn and it ended up a little bit bigger. I thought it'd be too big, but then it fit pink baby just fine, so I'm thinking it'll be okay. I also made two little pom-poms to dangle from the top. Super cute.

Even The Hater thought the pom-poms were adorable.

Pottypalooza update: The Hater stayed home today with Baby because his work was cancelled because of the ice storm. They had several potty successes. The day's total is 4 pee pees in the potty and one poo poo in the potty, plus 3 accidents. The Hater was Super Daddy today!

One of yesterday's pee pee accidents on the mat.
Please notice how the pee pools between the cushions - so fun to clean!

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