Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pottypalooza Day Three: Pre-Game Show

She stayed dry during her nap yesterday! Yay! Unfortunately she wakes up grumpy (like her Daddy), so there were tears when I swooped her up and sat her on the potty as she was waking up... but they soon went away when we heard the magic tinkle sounds followed by Mommy and Daddy cheering.

I think yesterday we went through a total of seven pairs of panties, but the seventh pair stayed dry before it was time to bathe and put her to bed.

We think it's starting to click for her when she's about to pee because she gets a look on her face about eight milliseconds before pee runs down her leg. Now if we could just jump the hurdle for her to figure it out a little earlier.

I'm not sure if we're actually potty training her or if she's Mommy training me to know when to go set her on the potty. Yesterday we had a half dozen or so incidental pee-pee successes. Who knows if she's actually learning that she pees on the potty or if they're all just flukes. But, like I said, we celebrate every success.

Day Two was much easier with The Hater here to help, even though we didn't have nearly as many accidents. The adult conversation really helped my sanity.

Here we are at Day Three. I'm ready. The Hater isn't, but that's only because he's balked my requests for him to get out of bed. When he gets up I'm sure he'll be ready, too.

We've already pulled out all three of the new books. But we haven't pulled out the Elmo potty video yet. That may be our saving grace today.

My bottom is sore from sitting on the little step stool next to the potty to read books. She ran around yesterday with a red bottom from sitting on the potty. At least her seat is padded. I know our back-ends will be grateful when this stage is behind us.

We've made several calls to grandparents who appropriately ooh and aah and brag at the right times. Sometimes she'll ask to call Aunt Sister. Sometimes she's really into getting stickers and putting them on the sheet, and sometimes she wants nothing to do with them and would rather play than stand still and mess with stickers.

We're playing it by ear. The word of the day is momentum.

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