Thursday, January 06, 2011


Next weekend (not this weekend) we are going to do a 3-day all-potty-all-the-time potty training adventure. I'm going to take off work that Friday for three days of potty boot camp.

These are some of the things we still need to get:
  • The toilet seat that fits onto our regular toilet. That's what they have at day care and we want her to be used to using it.
  • Big Girl Panties. I have some, but not enough to get her through a day of just wearing those. I read to expect to go through 20-25 panties the first day. I have some, but not enough. Need to get some Dora.
  • More paper towels. We have dozens of accidents ahead of us.
  • A couple of more potty books. I went to TRU this afternoon and was exceedingly disappointed that they had lots of books and videos for BOYS, but only one for girls. We need some stories to read for the many potty trips ahead of us. Hopefully I can snag a couple more this weekend (or borrow from friends!).
  • Salty snacks and lots of tasty fluids to encourage her to drink. It will not be a weekend of high nutritional value.
  • And more I'm forgetting, I'm sure. But hopefully we'll remember this weekend when we restock.
The next series of posts will most likely be Potty Boot Camp strategy and Pottypalooza updates (unless something else entirely exciting happens in the interim).

Please feel free to share any potty training advice in the comments. For the next week I'm gathering everybody's best suggestions for the plans of what will be our potty adventures.


Cerulean Bill said...

Only advice we have is to keep the stress level low. That includes expressions of delight. Obvious pleasure is good enough, I think.

And remember: No kid ever went to grad school who didn't already know how to do this. It'll come. No pun intended.

Marian Parkes said...

She'll thank you for this every day for the rest of her life. Or should.