Monday, January 31, 2011

batten down the hatches

There's snow a'blowin this way. At lunch today they were saying we should get at least a foot here tomorrow. For now the city is shut down for tomorrow. We'll see if we're able to get out before the weekend, when it'll finally get over freezing.

We vacuumed the house tonight just in case we get stuck without electricity in a dirty house. So that's done.

Pottypalooza continues. She's doing okay and we're still celebrating every success. Today we went through three pairs of panties - not shabby.

My plans tomorrow include playing hard. Hopefully it'll quit blowing long enough for us to get some good pictures.


Anonymous said...

Norman is shut down. I guess you would be, too. I think we're going to miss most of the snow, just cold. Stay warm.

Teacher Angst said...

Update...Update...Update...Update...Update...Update...Update...Update...We want an update!!! We have heavy rain here in da 'Ville.

Kelly said...

Bahahaha, so you vacuumed in preparation for the storm? Love it!