Sunday, January 23, 2011

big fat bummer

It's been a good weekend. Here are some highlights:
  • Pottypalooza continues. Today was better than yesterday. We wised up and started pairing her big girl panties with the rubber/plastic bloomers for much easier clean-ups.
  • Finished another baby hat this weekend. I heard that one of the nurses I know at work has a grandbaby who was born early - weighing in at 1# 5 oz. I knew I had some blue/green verigated yarn, so I thought I'd make them a hat. It was the same kind of yarn as the last one that's not the same width the whole time. I did exactly the same thing on my loom and it ended up bigger than the others. Not too big to send to the Caps for Good campaign, but too big for this particular baby:
  • Baby is getting a cold. She's been snotty and run a low-grade temp, coughing in her sleep (with the humidifier running). I thought we'd be good parents and used the bulb syringe in her nose about an hour and a half after a snack, which should've been plenty of time for the food to move from her stomach. I sucked so efficiently that she started gagging and threw up not only the snack from an hour and a half previously (banana and watered down juice) but also some breakfast (grapes and mixed grain cereal). We were both covered in vomit, which is a really bad bummer because it made us lose an extra pair of plastic bloomers and not to pee! I stripped us both and we jumped in the shower which was fast and traumatic. We didn't suck her nose again today.
  • The dryer died. We're hoping it's the heating element in it. So when Baby went down for her nap I took two washed loads to a wishy washy to dry. The Hater is currently out taking two more loads to dry (including Baby's many accident panties and our throw-up wardrobes). Call in to the powers that be about the dryer - we're hoping it'll be fixed very soon and that it is something as easy (and inexpensive) as the heating thing. If it's too much more complicated (or expensive) than that we'll opt for a new dryer and say goodbye to our plans for a real vacation this summer. (That would be my first real vacation since the c-bomb hit. Or really my first real vacation since our honeymoon. So please keep your fingers crossed that it'll be a cheap and easy fix because if it's not I'll end up grumpy.)
  • Baby is learning to play hide and go seek. She's starting to get the concept and loves to play, so long as someone is hiding with her and looking for the other person with her. She gets so excited to play.
  • The theme song for the weekend has been "C is for Cookie". She has loved singing it over and over and over. I've watched all of the related videos at the Sesame Street page and after looking at them several dozen times I'm sure that I like the remake better than the original (gasp). The Candice Bergen skit was a nice attempt, but I'm sadly disappointed that the comedienne didn't ham it up better than that.
  • I made a new carrot soup recipe and spiced it with Indian spices. It was good, but was so hot it made my nose run. The Hater liked it, too. It made a huge pot, so we've frozen some back to share when we have guests again. The Hater made salmon croquettes for supper and I baked sweet potatoes with them. Baby ate some leftover tuna and went goo-goo-ga-ga over the sweet potatoes. Yay! A vegetable! She's not eaten much lately, but she ate well for me all weekend (which really surprised me since we could tell she's feeling cruddy).
  • We read lots of stories and spent lots and lots of time on the potty.
  • Tomorrow we send her to day care in pull-ups. I hate it, but I hate the idea of taking a load of laundry to the wishy washy to dry every night this week even more.
I'm sure there were other exciting things that happened, but they're not coming to me right now. Probably because I missed my afternoon nap. I'll have to make up for that next weekend.

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bill said...

So what's that one for, the one in the picture, that green thing on the toy. Is that a cap for the organization or the new baby. A baby that small needs one stitched with good soft fabric and intermingled with love and a finger or something to hold on to, to reassure him. Make him or her a good, warm one.