Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pottypalooza Day Two: Naptime Update

I just put Baby down for her nap in panty #5 for the day.

We started off with a big bang with a request to go poo poo. We sat for a while with no results, so we came back to the kitchen to work on breakfast. But she said "poo poo" again, so we ran back to the bathroom. She was a little scared, but we ended up with a successful poo deposit, followed by pee pee. We made over her and sang and danced.

We've had three pee pee accidents. She's not figured out that cue yet.

We've had a few more incidental pee successes. We celebrate big every time.

Fingers crossed that she stays dry during her nap today. Yesterday she didn't, but today I was a little nicer and I've not been pushing fluids as much. It just seems mean to push juice and chocolate milk, and then put her down with what will end up being a completely full bladder.

The Hater isn't convinced that she will figure anything out by the end of the weekend, but we continue to persevere. That is the word of the day, after all.

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