Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm tempted to change my template, so I made up a new word for this particular conundrum.

On one hand it's no big deal. Whatever. It's just a template and it's just a blog.

But on the other hand as long as this haiku has been in existence (5 1/2 years - can you believe it?), it's always been green. Of course that was before there were cool options, but even after there were cool options I persevered with plain boring green because it's always been that way and something has to be said for that.

For what? Being stubborn? For a blog that five people read?

(And I truly do appreciate you!)

Back to my templatation... There are options here. There are a whole word of options. I could fiddle with it myself and choose one of the more creative canned templates. This would be a different color and possibly have a different layout (but not much different). This option is free.

Another option is to pay someone to make something genuine-one-of-a-kind-hoity-toity-template. This can get expensive, but I think I could get it for $50-75. I've thought about this option in the past (back in the day when this was a wee little blog), but I've always dismissed this idea quickly because, well, I'm cheap.

However, now the free options (more my budget) are cooler than they were when they changed blogger over to the new system.

Indeed, this is a conundrum that bothers nobody but me. I'm fortunate that this is my biggest concern of the moment. I will continue to templatate (it just doesn't work in that tense) over the weekend.

Only slightly related - I read something this week about how all of the e-books will drastically change the publishing industry. And how in several years they don't think they'll be needing cover art for books anymore. (This makes me more than a little sad.) The thing I read said that an author's logo will be what they are known by, not the cover art. Maybe if I change this whole thing I should come up with a logo, too.

You know, for branding. So that my five readers will know how to find me without my lively green background.


Anonymous said...

You can change your blog, it's like moving furniture around in your house. It won't make your readers any difference whether the sofa is against the windows or the other wall, there more interested in what you have to say, most of the time. Remember, it's all perception like, the ballerina who rose gracefully en Pointe and extended one slender leg behind her, like a dog at a fire hydrant.

It's whatever makes you happy.

Kelly said...

Hahaha, I so feel your templation stump. It took me a long time to change up my blog. The nice thing is that if you hate it, you can always change back =)

You crack me up! I love it, "templation". Haha!

Kelly said...

Haha, I just read your comment. So after three kids my brain is probably the size of a pebble. I probably didn't give it enough time to grow back to normal after the first...and the third completely sapped me of any brain power I may have regained. Hahaha!!

Cerulean Bill said...

Whatever you use, it's gotta be better than "xxxxxx's Stuff".