Friday, January 14, 2011

Pottypalooza Day One: Naptime Update

It's been a long morning. It started off with a bang with Baby telling me she needed to poo poo before she actually went, but I didn't get her to the potty in time.

The second poo of the day was followed by me trying to figure out what that smell was...

The whole timer and every 20 minute thing isn't really happening. We're going in there every time after she pees on herself and sitting on the potty. Reading material is a must.

She's on her 11th pair of panties.

We've had two fluke pee pee successes while sitting on the potty reading stories. She was really excited. I did the dances and tried not to cry with excitement.

The stickers have been a hit. She essentially gets two stickers every time we go to the bathroom - one for sitting on the potty and the second for washing her hands. Then if we have successful potty deposits she gets to choose another sticker from a fancy sheet. She has two of those for her successes because they most certainly count.

Nap time. Mommy needs to recharge, too.

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ely said...

Yay for two fancy stickers!!! Hang in there!