Friday, February 09, 2007

taxing frustration

Pun intended, I assure you.

Work drama includes that company one sent a W-2 that company 2 was contracted to send (and actually was the employer at the time). So now we're in a position where we're requesting a new W-2 from company one that says we weren't employed by them at that time. Meanwhile, we're prepared to call the IRS and file some sort of fraudulent file next Wednesday.

And then we just hold our breath and hope they send the new form before we have to file our taxes with the second form that says someone else dropped the ball and we're not really claiming the pay and deductions that were doubly charged.

I know a CPA. This is the time of year that she goes into hiding and doesn't come out until May... except when she's buying orange baby clothes... so I really feel for the people who dropped the ball on this one; I can't imagine that anybody filed the wrong things on purpose.

Today I typed out the same form letter for eight different people, requesting corrected W-2s. I'll probably dream about it tonight. Then I sent the same guy a separate email, apologizing for all of the other email garbage he's been getting, noting that I was sure none of this was anybody's fault.

I apologized for the taxing frustration (pun intended) this must be causing him, and thanked him for his help to make the IRS happy. His reply? Not nearly as punny as mine.

But part of me has to believe that he was slightly amused by it.

Meanwhile, my company's CPA is presenting a big shin-dig to the IRS next week. And like I said, I'll be making a call on Wednesday if I don't get a new W-2 claiming "zero" by then.

And people say doing taxes is boring!!

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