Saturday, February 17, 2007


The Hater is still out of town, which has left Zoloft and me to entertain ourselves...

We had planned to sleep in this morning, but someone called the house at 8:06 am. They obviously don't know the "not before noon" weekend rule. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. Alas, I was awake, as was the kitty.

I went to the mall and used a gift certificate for a massage that The Hater had given me for Christmas. It was awesome. I then hit Victoria's Secret and cashed in some more gift cards and bought Sister a fancy honeymoon doo-dah. I also found some perfume and lipstick that I just couldn't live without.

Zoloft was glad to see me come back home. We watched a couple of movies and further declared our boredom. Presently she's calling me to bed, and I think I'll comply. I'll cuddle up with 'The Ticklish Subject' and we'll both be snoring in no time.

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Mommavia said...

Hmmm, bored you say. Usually when I am bored I start some kind of project that involved painting or power tools.