Sunday, February 25, 2007


We just heard news that another friend has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. (Actually, it's a granddaughter of a friend of the family, which makes her a friend by default.) She's 22 and sees the doctor this Friday to discuss surgery, treatment and options. I've forwarded my contact info and hope that she calls me, but she might not want to talk, and I understand that. It's scary any way you cut it. But I'm here if she's interested... as are several other thycan's out there who I know would bend over backwards to give any new gal a pat on the back and good vibrations.

Other than that we've just been taking it easy this weekend. The Hater had another tournament this weekend, but has enjoyed today, his first day off in almost three weeks, by helping with laundry and watching movies. Four loads later we're watching Rounders while we wait for the DVR to get us far enough into the Academy Awards so that we can fast-forward through the commercials and the acceptance speeches.

Between folding and swapping loads I've also been working on my current art project. I'm reinterpreting a painting that I had painted for a friend. She wasn't impressed with it, so I went out and bought some caulking to see what damage I could do with it. I didn't even repaint over the first project. But I've made a nice, 3D word on the canvas... which I really like. I then bought a can of ceiling spray stuff to make the rest of it bumpy. It's all dried and I've since painted it a soft, mossy green. I've got some polyurethane for the final step, but I've not decided if I want to put more color on it or not. Do I want to stick with the less is more framework or do I want to add some more color? (and if I do, how do I want to add it?) I'll sleep on it tonight and see how the week ahead changes the plan.

That's right! Tonight is the eve of my new job; the change is bittersweet. I'm really excited about tomorrow and have already mentally laid out my wardrobe. I don't know yet if it'll be a scrub-job or a professional-clothes-job, but I imagine that will be explained to me soon enough. I'll show up in scrubs and play it by ear. Mostly that's my plan for everything the job encompasses... so tonight I'm just hoping that I can catch on to the tune, preferably not in the key of dissonance.

I'm excited about the idea of an office. Not so much that it's a space for stuff, but in the nursing world it's more significant than that. Rezoned project with caulking is something that may go in there, if I figure out how to finish it. I've been looking around at art and things for this office, but haven't bought anything yet. I guess I want to feel the space before I fill it.

And that's all of the drama in our house tonight. We're really in the process of squeezing ten more hours out of weekend vacation into three more hours of night. Such is life.


genderist said...

Actually, it wasn't "caulking". It was some kind of goo in the same section that was for woodworking where you didn't want to use nails. If I was home I could've borrowed the gun-thing... and I would've!

Mommavia said...

You used liquid nails for cool.

If your friend needs a gal from NC to chat with about having a quad of surgeries, I'll pass on my info. Maybe you should mail her a LIVESTRONG band with a note?

genderist said...

Girl, you were already on my forward list doncha know... I wanted to wait to see if she even wanted to talk to someone before I started sending her stuff. I know this is a scary week anyhow; I don't want to make her any more frustrated than she already is.

lisa t. said...

Good luck on your first day at the new job. I hope everything goes marvelously!

bill said...

Your reference to the DVR -- are you talking Tivo, or do you have a PVR? Just curious...I'd like to go the latter route, but I haven't looked into what it would take.

genderist said...

DVR: The Hater says it's not TiVo, but a DVR component that is offered through the cable company. They brought us a different cable box and we can set it to record through the cable menu. It's wonderful... I can't watch live tv anymore; too many commercials!!

Arielle said...

Put me on that list too. I am 25 and definitely know what she's going thru.

I have DVR too, and I call it Tivo sometimes. Can't live without it.