Friday, February 02, 2007

health reminder from Nancy Nurse

People, the truth is that I'm a nurse and I bring my work home with me. I want everybody to be healthy and safe. Like the emergency ID cards, this is just another reminder on that journey...

This coming week is
National Mental Health Care week!

You can do your part by
remembering to contact
at least one
unstable person
to let them know you care.

Well, my job here is done!


Kate said...

Ok, so I giggled, and then I was, like, "...heeeeyyyyy.... that's not very nice... I have a mental health problem" and then I giggled a little more. And then I thought it was a very serious issue and I shouldn't really be giggling. But then I'm also the person who has a shirt from Eric Idle's Rutland Isles series that features a bi-polar bear dreaming about prozac...

genderist said...

It's healthy to giggle. :)