Saturday, February 10, 2007

pretty in pink

I've been busy today. Unequivocal Prowess is expecting a little girl and today was the day we were going to pain the nursery. The grand scheme is a pink-on-pink with a white rainbow border around the middle of the room.

We shopped for paint and painting supplies and returned to her home to gut the room and tape the edges for over an hour. We started painting the top half, and were first worried that it was going to be too dark. Thankfully, it dried lighter than we had feared.

And then we started painting the bottom half of the room... which, again, seemed way darker than we had planned. See below:

We took a 30 minute break and let the room sit for thirty minutes to see if we liked it any better. We called The Hater to come over and tell us if it was too dark. You see, UP's husband was out of town and we were doing all of this in hopes that he would approve. His only request was that it wasn't Pepto pink. And as this shade wasn't that chalky, it was obviously not what Mom had envisioned.

We returned to Home Depot and bought more paint.

This is the "in progress" picture where you can see how different the two shades were. It took two coats to cover it. Below, the final shades after we pulled the tape:

We were really pleased with how well it turned out. I had never painted inside rooms before and was very proud of our taping prowess and anti-dripping techniques. The next part of the plan is to get the border and window shades up, then bring all the baby goodies back to the room. How fun. She's due on Mother's Day.

I came back home and went directly to Hobby Lobby, in the creative mood. I painted a couple of canvases for possible nursery fodder. We'll let Mom look at it later to see if we think it's pink-baby-nursery-worthy. I'm thinking it will be.

We'll also be sore tomorrow...


Mommavia said...

Looks great! I love painting...everytime Ian goes on a deployment he comes home to something newly painted. This last deployment I only painted the 1.2 bath and under the chair rail in our living/dining rooms, a small project. Glad to see you taped, I am very methodical in my painting and rarely allow others to assist me, unless they are willing to stick to my rules, the major being: if I'm doing it myself, I do it right the first time.

Vol Abroad said...

The second attempt is much better than the first - which frankly would make me cry if I had to sleep there.