Sunday, February 04, 2007

Manning Mojo

The Pre Super Bowl post:

We're pumped and ready for the game. We are pulling out all of our Volunteer pride for Peyton and the Colts to take it all. The Hater says that Vegas is predicting a Colt Win, and of course we're expecting nothing less.

New School

Old School

Meanwhile, the kitty continues to recover from her surgery this last week. She's doing great, but doesn't care too much for her no-no collar or her antibiotics. Don't let her sleepy eyes fool you, she's secretly excited about the game, too.


Mommavia said...

Well as it stand at the time of my during-game comment, the Bears are sad. They can't hold onto the ball or pass it to their own teammates for that matter. Oh, Bears, what have you done?

genderist said...

If those Bears get a good QB next year, they'll be dangerous.