Thursday, January 19, 2006

the stairs go up

There was a wrench thrown into my morning. It was like I checked my email and a Cronenberg world consumed mine. And it's not that I have anything against Cronenberg, but he is to film very much like Salvidor Dali is to impressionism.

Maybe surreal is the best word. The clocks didn't drip off of the walls, and no surprise vaginas attacked me, but it was definitely a surreal moment that consumed most of my morning.

It's like I'm a Ghostbuster.

I'm a Ghostbuster and I have a friend who isn't. Actually, he's posessed, and although he's seen other ghostbusters who specialize in posession, he's not done well with their treatment. His head is so confused and full with ectoplasm that he's not been making good, safe decisions. He wants to play with a ghostbusting gun, but doesn't realize that crossing the lines will create what is akin to a nuclear explosion. This is more than a small problem.

And he's tried to make his own containment unit on the side, but that's really dangerous and I've tried to warn him it's a bad idea. Once I even called the EPA on him because I was so worried about his tinkering with all of that electrical stuff, crossing the lines and all. I think that Gozer is leading him in the wrong direction, and all of the ectoplasm is confusing him more.

But he's in a place where he thinks that Gozer, the ghost in his head, is the only choice. He says he doesn't want to choose Gozer, but the only thing that he can think of is replaying a scene in his mind all day long where he's buildling a big containment unit that explodes. Gozer's working doubletime on him.

The email this morning led me to believe that he wants to try to build another containment unit, which worries me. The EPA told me that there was nothing else I could do. My Ghostbusting friends tell me there's nothing else I can do -- that if he wants to try to build a containment unit I can't stop him. If he buys a ghostbusting gun on ebay, I can't stop him. The Hater says the same thing.

And I guess I know that, too, but I don't really like it. I'm ready for Gozer to go away.

That's been my day. Oh, and ectoplasm stinks.


nicole said...

The next time I need to explain the goings-on of a complicated ass work day to my friends? I'm calling Ghostbusters!

Knowing when to let go is always the trickiest thing. I've been doing a lot of that "letting go" stuff lately just because I'm surrounded by formerly intelligent people that are hell bent on acting like morons. It's hard enough keeping my OWN head on my shoulders!

Molly Jane said...

I wish Gozer would go away too. I don't understand the necessity for the cryptic emails, is this not a cry for help? And if not, is it just informative or does Gozer just want you along for the ride?

If Gozer does win in the end, hopefully a tortured soul will get a little peace. But I am routing for the Ghostbusters!

ngregory: I love your thoughful insighfulness.

A better day to you, James!