Tuesday, January 10, 2006

draft excitement

It would be another run-of-the mill, not so exciting day to report, except that The Hater is really excited about the news regarding the NFL draft. Please bear with me whlie I try to translate...

1. The TN Titans have the third draft pick. This is our reward for winning four games this season. (Before you get excited and try to make *only* four wins jokes, remember that we were the youngest team in the NFL. And most of the WR and DBs were all young, too, and showed much improvement as the season progressed.)

2. There are some very talented players in the draft this year. The four most talented, according to The Hater, are Reggie Bush (RB) from USC, Matt Lineart (QB) from USC, Vince Young (QB) from Texas, and AJ Hawk (LB) from Ohio State.

3. Houston Texans will probably take Reggie . The Hater says that's pretty much for sure for the most part.

4. New Orleans Saints will take either Matt or Vince. He thinks they'll take Matt because he's a really good pocket QB with a strong arm.

5. This means the Titans will probably take Vince or Matt. He also says they might try to trade down to take AJ, but he doesn't think they'll do that.

6. Either way, the Titans will get a great pick with either of the QBs. McNair only has a year or two left, if he resigns with the Titans, so it's time to bring in a prodigee.

7. Steve McNair and Vince are buddies. Rumor has it that Steve has been trying to lobby the Titans to draft Vince so they could share time until Vince was ready to play.

And The Hater is excited. And he wants to say that he's excited we'll have a high second round pick, too. And that's all...

For the record, I'm a big Titan fan, too. And although I don't get as excited about the draft hoopla as The Hater does, I did have the schedule proudly taped to the refrigerator. And we watched all of their games that Uglyhoma televised.

But that doesn't make me less of a Peyton Manning fan. He'll always be my #16 wearing orange and white, directing the band playing Rocky Top... so when they play each other we root for the Titans to win, but for Peyton to play a great game.

If we saw that game in Tennessee, I'd be forced to wear orange with my navy... and The Hater says that's okay.


Angry Dissenter said...

You know, I've come to a point in life where I can watch and appreciate football, but as soon as I start hearing about stuff like this, or watching ESPN, I automatically slip into a coma.


Birdman said...

Ahh the draft. Its like xmas in April. Speaking a Volunteers, one of my favorite prospects is defensive lineman Jesse Mahelona.

Molly Jane said...

Go Steelers!