Monday, January 02, 2006

fire, fire go away

Yesterday I was mildly concerned. We left the apartment go to see a movie and the sky outside was full of smoke. Uglyhoma is in a crazy dry spell, but we had thought that the big fires weren't near us. Yet the sky was grey, the 40mph wind made my eyes burn, and there were news helicopters circling around our neighborhood. It was all very exciting.

I was slightly concerned. The Hater said I was 'freaking out', but it wasn't quite like that. I just didn't want Zoloft to turn into kitty BBQ while we were at the movies. Nothing like that happened, so that's good. And today we went south of our little niche to find that there was a field that burned about two blocks away. We figure that was the cause of the smoke and whistles we saw.

But it's interesting to turn on the TV and have the little OK state divided up in counties under a color-coded system. That in itself isn't interesting -- I'm used to seeing tornado watch or tornado warnings or thunderstorm warnings -- or even flood warnings. However, seeing "high fire risk" and "moderate fire risk" color-codings were just too strange.

Meanwhile, we need rain. So if you're in to the whole raindance thing, please please please see what you can do about our little drought and fire-thing. We'd be much appreciative.

And special thanks to all of the volunteer firefighters who have come from such great states as Tennessee and Alabama to help put out the wildfires around here. We appreciate you, too.


Angry Dissenter said...

You can have some of my rain. I need to get rid of it- I can't go back to my apartment as an indirect result of all this rain.

Oh, and puppy ate her dream cake.

nicole said...

It always sucks that part of the country is practically underwater while the other is turned into a virtual powder keg. Why is it always feast or famine with the weather systems?

I hope these fires die down soon... :(

genderist said...

I dreamed about snow last night. It snowed so hard that it just quelched the fires, like a big blanket. And then everybody who was fighting them just stopped and made snow angels.