Friday, January 13, 2006



Angry Dissenter said...

Funny, funny, funny.

Always is and always will be. Quiz: Do you remember when and where the brick originated?

genderist said...

Do I remember? Do *I* remember?

I'll paint a picture-- fall 1997 at the Vanderbilt tournament. My ad hoc partner and I had just lost our outround to sea mines (because he wanted to run land mines and aruge that info-sharing is info-sharing and would have the same disadvantages).

This was the same tournament that I wasn't going to attend because I was sick with the crud. Dr. Church called the infirmary and they swept me through like I was on the offensive line... and gave me dime-time, which was sleepy time for me.

The day prior was my first round to debate against The Hater. My partner ran China-good and China-bad in his 2AC, which I fixed by wadding one of them up and throwing it at The Hater mid-round.

This is the morning after I fell asleep during the team meeting. (Yeah, I'll still argue that was secondary to dime-time.)

We found a random lobby and played cards. Lots of cards. Cards until they all looked the same. We played cards while we waited for the tournament to end -- or until we could leave -- until we were silly with boredom.

And BRICK was born. It was a beautiful moment in the world... when one random word could turn four debate dorks into teary-eyed-fall-to-the-floor-laughing-guffaw-idiots.

These were the times when Go-Fish was king...