Tuesday, December 05, 2006

tech: good or bad?

We had no electricity last night for eight hours. It cut off after The Hater came home from work and didn't come back until after midnight. The Hater was at a total loss without his technology.

We folded and stuffed Christmas cards by candlelight and went to bed early. He hooked up the splitter to his iPod and we listened to a "Coast to Coast" radio show as we tried to stay warm under several quilts.

We went out to eat for supper and killed some time walking around a few stores before realizing that we'd have to entertain ourselves by candlelight. Even in such a desparate situation I still could not talk him into playing a game of candlelit Scrabble with me -- so that box remains unopened on the toy case.

So we couldn't watch Monday night football (instead we would just hum the theme song for it). We couldn't check our email (or play blog games). We couldn't even listen to Christmas music or the radio. The Hater had some seroius technology Jonesing and almost broke out into hives for some remote control action.

We ended up finding an alarm clock we liked this past weekend after my trusty buddy of twelve years passed on to the big dump in the sky. But we couldn't set it to alarm without any electriciy. The Hater set his cell phone alarm, which did not snooze this morning.

The cat kept showing off that she could see better than we could. She attacked her strings and hid on her blanket. We lit all kinds of candles. I thought it was neat for a change. We even broke out my old ROTC green flashlight.

The Hater was less than impressed. He's more dependant on the tech than I am, although I admit that I was grossed out this morning when the wireless wasn't working on the laptop and I had to come into the other room to use the Mac to do the important email checking and blog posting.

We wouldn't have made it in the Amish flock.


bill said...

i recall smirking that if we lost power, i still had the laptop....till i thought about the router. arrrgghhhh!

genderist said...

Exactly. Our laptop had about 5 hours left of power on it... but, alas, the router was down...

Anonymous said...

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