Tuesday, December 26, 2006

one ring to rule them all

Believe it or not, this was the first season of my coaching a fantasy football team... and we returned home to check the stats to find that we won the Super Bowl. Here's the complete story:
Yoknapatawpha Yuccas won the Super Bowl Championship by a score of 108 to 61. Marvin Harrison led the team in scoring in the championship round and Brian Westbrook led the team in scoring for the season. Congrats once again to Yoknapatawpha Yuccas on a terrific Fantasy football Season.
That's right, the Yoknapatawpha Yuccas have seized victory on the fantasy field. And I have won a very fancy fantasy Super Bowl ring to show for it. Bling.

Sorry, Petyon. I was sure you'd get one first. Maybe next year I can draft you for my team and we can get you one. The Hater says he'll help us; he's an excellent GM.

Meanwhile, MTSU is playing their debut bowl game in Detroit. We're just too proud that Little Middle took the Sunbelt. The Motor City Bowl will never be the same.

We arrived back in OKC about noon, after about a 12 hour drive. We tagged-teamed and leapfrogged, and we made a few stops (including the unplanned stop for the guy who ran off the road at about 1:30 am outside of Memphis). We've Christmas'd for about a week, and we're glad to be back in Uglyhoma.

We had a wonderful trip home. Those trips are never long enough.

I have tomorrow off of work, too, which was a great idea. My plans include sleeping late, procrastinating laundry, considering cleaning and thinking about putting up new goodies. My number one goal is to cuddle with the kitty; she missed us.

She's also super proud to be wearing her Titans tag! The Hater says Vince Young should be the Rookie of the Year. He now says the Titans are on the 2-year plan, not the 5-year plan.

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