Friday, December 29, 2006


I'm glad that it's Friday. And I'm glad it's a three-day weekend.
And I'm glad I'm not counting inventory on 2nd Street!

It was a good appointment at the endocrinologist's office. He said that usually there's a whole set of scans and things a year after treatment, which would be September of 2007. In lieu of wanting to work on making babies ASAP, he said we could do the whole diet/scan thing again in March. He didn't notice any new lumps in my neck, which is always a good thing. We drew labs, but I probably won't hear back from them for a couple of weeks.

We may not have to go off of the Synthroid again in March. There's a possibility I may be able to stay on it and take Thyrogen shots instead to lower the levels, which means it wouldn't take two months to unzombify me. But I hear those are hella expensive and insurance companies are notorious for being hob-knobbers about approving and paying for it... so I may end up being a zombie anyway. We're not going to worry about any of this until mid- to late-February.

After that I don't really know what the next step will be. We're praying that my thyroglobulin (Tg) levels will continue to go down to zero. We're also praying that when I go off of the Syntyroid those same Tg levels will stay in the toilet. As long as those levels stay down and the scans look decent we should get the green light to get on with the rest of our baby-making lives.

It's arguable that I've never been "normal", but I sure do miss being as normally abnormal (or is it abnormally normal?) as I used to be. The c-bomb sucks.

In honor of inventory on 2nd Street, there are 295 words in this post. That's also 1,570 spaces, Obmij.

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