Sunday, December 10, 2006


Christmastime is calling, "Traffic! Traffic!"

We had great intentions today to avoid holiday traffic by staying in and making a shopping game plan for later this week. We've washed and folded laundry. We've straightened the tables. We watched football. We've watched some tv that we'd DVR'd. We've mourned that we have to work tomorrow. But we've not really done anything as far as list-making goes.

We think we're totally finished with all of our shopping things except for each other. And Sister called today to announce that we only had 14 shopping days left... but we were planning on exchanging before our trip home, which means we really have about 8 1/2 days left. We're usually more organized by this time of year... the truth is that we're more excited about our trip home than we are about shopping!

It's hard to get motivated when it's cold and windy out. Tomorrow starts a heat wave; it should get up into the mid-60s. Zoloft will hardly know how to act.

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