Sunday, December 03, 2006

a house divided

The Hater and I can't agree. There's been much banter today.

He thinks I should support the Titans under all circumstances. I think he should support the legacy of Tennessee football under the same circumstances, which means cheering for Peyton under all circumstances.

He says it's not the same. I disagree. He says we'd have to cheer for any Tennessee alumni if that was the case, which means most games would end in a "push". I disagree. Peyton's the trump card. He knows that, but he still disagrees.

But today they played each other despite our disagreement... and in the past we've cheered for both teams together, but this year The Hater is cheering for the Titans instead. He says that Peyton can take another loss and still have the best team in the NFL. I say that if the Titans win, it's not going to change this season, and Peyton needs the padding now for the ring later.

We've argued about this all weekend, but to no avail. A 60-yard field goal within the last seconds of the game secured a W for the Titans. Sorry Peyton.

We'll go back to cheering for each team individually next week. Go team go.

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