Thursday, December 28, 2006

back to the salt mines

This morning The Hater and I are going to another endocrinologist appointment. This one is a general follow-up visit, my first after the second RAI. I'm expecting there will also be lab drawn (as my six-week mark for the newest dose of synthroid was six weeks and two days ago)... and other than that, I'm not expecting much else. We're hoping it will be a boring visit.

Then it's back to the salt mines. Groan. It's been a good vacation from work, but I'm not quite ready to go back. I've had enough time for my brain to breathe, but I still haven't made a decision about the job for which I'm still in the interview process. I'm supposed to give a few presentations by early January, so maybe by then I'll be more excited about it. For now my alarm bells are still dinging. Maybe secret job #2 will call back and want to interview me, too, to make this decision even more exciting.

Yesterday The Hater ventured out to recon elliptical machines. He went to several stores while I washed a mountain of laundry. After I get off of work this evening he says we're going to go look at the most promising models. He found one place that will assemble and deliver it, which sounds great. I'd pay them extra if they'd walk on it for me, too.

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Kris (Berto) said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Sorry bout you having to be back at work. That just stinks - I won't mention my 5 weeks off between semesters ;p~~~~~

I hope you're feeling better - don't be a stranger. Mail me or see you on eagles (

Feel good and Holla!