Saturday, December 16, 2006

futuristic wishes

It won't be long before we make our long trip home... (Wednesday after I get off of work we'll make the 14 hour drive to east TN for progressive Christmas celebrations.) But while we're gone there will be some big fancy celebratory days we should mention: anniversaries.

Two big anniversaries, to be exact: On the 21st my parents celebrate their wedding anniversary. On the 22nd my number one LBG blog-reading-fans will celebrate their wedding anniversary, too.

Congrats, yall. The well-wishes are early, but we won't have our wireless connection to make more timely wishes then. So this is your early version. Tada.

And as long as we're wishing things early, we hope everybody enjoys their holiday celebrations.


Molly Jane said...

Hope you have great visits with your families. I know this has been a long time coming. Safe travels!

genderist said...

Oh, yeah! Jane's anniversary is coming up, too! Happy happy to yall!