Tuesday, December 12, 2006

fantasy drama

My fantasy football team, the Yoknapatawpha Yuccas, will play Angry Dissenter's team, the Las Vegas Goobers, this weekend in the play-offs.

The Yuccas (8-6) have led the West division and the Goobers (9-5) have led the Central division. The Hater's team, the Evil Empire (6-8), took a dive and traded its better players to us so that we would have a better chance against the leader of the East Division. He's such a good General Manager.

We were hoping that one of us would accrue enough points so that we'd both be in the finals, but it looks like we're playing in the semis instead. Which is good, really, because that means at least one of us will be in the finals.

Hopefully it'll be the mighty Yuccas of Yoknapatawpha County. (yuk-yuk-yuk)

1 comment:

nicole said...

Good luck to whichever of you makes it into the finals. I'll be rootin' fer yas. ;)