Monday, December 18, 2006

random facts

This is the 474th post to the haiku. It's had approximately 14,656 views in 17 months. An arduous copy and paste task has yielded a 361 page (single-spaced) word document of the blog in print for its computer-illiterate fans. (That's a word count of 125,468!)

Over the last year I've noticed several bloggers who are trying to peddle their wares to publishers. They hope to be noticed like the actress-waitress at the greasy dive outside of Hollywood. They want to blog about their stupid dog or their "unique" view of life, and they want to think that their take on the world is worthy of binding and selling to other people. It's a great pipe dream*, and although that would be neat, I'm not quitting my day job.

I'm just proud that there are a few people who care enough about my antics, which really aren't that fancy, to make the effort to upload this blog and read it. This whole blog thing started out as a way to communicate with some friends in different parts of the country, but it's morphed into a filtered hobby.

Dear Reader, as hokey as it sounds, thanks for stopping by (time and again), for commenting, for calling me out in real life about things that I've written here. I know it's no big deal and that you only hang around for an average of a minute and a half, but it's a golden minute for me.

Thanks for making it worth my while.

* That was a hard level in Super Mario Brothers. The flying red turtles were tough to get past.


Kate said...

Ooh... the red flying turtles were a BITCH! Which really makes me want to go buy an old-school original NES system and play that game again.

Joyeux Noel, ma chere, and here's wishing you all the best in 2007 (just in case I forget to comment again between now and then).

bill said...

You startled me -- I thought you were signing off on this!

(...a minute twenty eight... a minute twenty nine....done!)

genderist said...

No way... if I quit this I'd end up bringing work stuff home to study, and we simply can't have that!