Tuesday, August 08, 2006

spy vs spy

The Hater woke me up this morning asking if there was anything special on the laptop that I would want to save before he reloads Windows. Apparently he'd been up all night arguing with a spyware program and decided it'd be easier to strip the computer and start over to kill it... He was not happy. He told me this several times as he drove me to work.

I can't help but think of the Spy vs Spy cartoons in Mad magazine. I imagine The Hater in a white hat, secretly battling the guy who designed the spyware in the black hat, the evil spyware creator who hides his secret evil files in secret places. And secret files to recreate the deleted secret files when the white-hatted spy finds the not-so-secret files.

This afternoon he picked me up from work telling me stories about reloading everything back onto the laptop... and he continued to be not happy, excpet this time he was really tired, which made him more aggravated and gagged.

Spyware should be illegal. I imagine The Hater will share some of his rage on that subject at a later date, maybe sometime after he's caught up on his lost sleep.


Angry Dissenter said...

Actually, spyware is technically conversion, which is the tort law version of stealing. There's a Compuserve case to that effect. The only real issue in the law is whether it's "de minimus"- too small to give a shit. If it interferes with your software so much that you have to strip down your computer and reload from scratch, I'd say that's actionable conversion. The real problem is actually finding out who to sue . . .

genderist said...

That's easy-- the bad spy in the black hat!