Monday, August 07, 2006

let the groans begin

I'm tired, and I don't know how much of that is Monday and how much of that is the lack of synthroid in my life (my thyroid hormone). It's true that I'm still on the Cytomel, the shorter-acting version of synthroid, and they say it's the same. However, I'm worn out and have entered into foggy-brain, one of my favorite hypothyroid symptoms.

This morning I called the endocrinologist's office to officially make appointments for my upcoming RAI scan and dosing, and I could hardly make a coherant sentence when the receptionist answered the phone. We both ended up laughing before I took a deep breath and pieced a sentence together. "It's okay. It's Monday.", she offered. "And yall have whacked out my hormones, too.", I countered. Several glasses of caffiene later, I perked up, but still had the foggy edge.

My coworkers aren't going to know how to deal with me when I start feeling good again!

For those of you keeping up with my dramatic medical-social life, I'll continue taking the Cytomel until the 27th, at which point I go cold turkey off of everything and begin the low iodine diet. My lab and scanning dose will be September the 11th, and the scan will be the 13th. They'll probably dose me with the mamma-jamma dose on the 13th, too, which means I might get to eat regular food again by the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there kiddo. Its a rough road but you are handling it well.

Arielle said...

I am having the I131 RAI done this month too. This is my first round of it and I am a little nervous. I was just wondering if you can tell me what to expect. I go in for the iodine pill on the 14th and then a thyroid scan on the 15th. Then the 17th I get a whole body scan and a capsule. Then I get admitted to the hospital on the 22nd for the ablation. My problem is that I dont know what the capsule is and what happens during the ablation. I think I know what to expect with the scans. They told me that I couldnt be around my kids as of the 17th but no word on when to start the no iodine diet. I have been off synthroid since the baby was born on July 11th, so thats really brought my energy level down and I really know what you mean by foggy brain. I suck at talking on the phone cause I am slower and cant remember the end of the sentence by the time I am halfway thru it! LOL
So anyway I have to stop breastfeeding soon and see if I can pump and dump for like 3 weeks to see if I can keep up my supply to start back up again once I am clear. I am wondering if they will let me take my electric part of my pump into the hospital room with me but I am confused on why I wont be in the hospital the same day I take the capsule. I cant seem to get answers from anyone here. I love reading your blog and I would love to hear any advice and info you can give me on the subject.

genderist said...

Arielle- I went to your profile, but couldn't find your email address or blog... so I'll post a special "Dear Arielle" post just for you. Let me know if you need further information...

Anonymous said...

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