Monday, August 14, 2006


The skies darkened as I drove home from work this afternoon, and as I looked out the window at the yellow grass, I did a raindance in my head. The thunder is rolling as I type, and it would seem that the bottom has fallen out of the looming cloud. I hope it will drizzle all night long.

This afternoon The Hater and I renewed Harrison's tags, expired by one month. This is better than our prevoius track record... which was a three month expiration you may remember from last year. Again I told the nice lady at the tag agency that I didn't understand how they mailed me the renewal forms, yet I didn't recieve them. Yes, they were correct in the computer. Yes, that's right. Sure, I'll pay with cash. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I returned to The Hater in the air-conditionered car, as the internal thermometer read a cool 103. We drove under the big cloud, and I realized that Harrison's title was in my maiden name, which means the renewal thing they could have sent would have been trashed by my once-over mailroom. Aha... problem solved. Except it wasn't, really, because they didn't change my maiden name to The Hater's name. So next summer we'll go through the same thing all over again. Tra-la-tra-la.

I'm ready for Friday... but for now I'll settle for a gentle shower outside.


bipin said...

i am dying for friday too. i've had it with this week.

obmij said...

Even the prospects of a nice gentle rain sounds comforting..!!

103 degrees - Who did you make mad??

nicole said...

Wow, three months has to be the LONGEST period of time that anyone's gone without getting ticketed. Congrats you guys! ;)