Thursday, August 03, 2006

1000 words

Two weeks ago today my second smile was extended.
Here's the pictoral journey.

This one was taken the morning of my surgery. The scar you see is from my total thyroidectomy that was in April.

The tye-dye is straight from the Farm in Summertown...

This one was taken around the third day after surgery. The steri-strips were starting to come off and drive me nuts.

The next day I couldn't stand it... and I took off the rest of the steri-strips.

The bruising really isn't that bad, considering it was a big neck surgery. The bruised spot below the incision was where the drain was. If the surgeon had not used a drain, my neck would have been super-duper bruised.

And a few more days later... slowly healing. I've been using Vitamin E oil during the day and Neosporin at night.

Last night! Doesn't it look great?

It looks almost as good as the first scar, which leads me to believe it will look absolutely stellar in three more months.

(all pictures taken by The Hater)


Molly Jane said...


The Meat Machine said...

It looks like a Mona Lisa smile. :)

nicole said...

Wow, it IS healing rather quickly. My friend has thyroid surgery a couple of years ago and I remember her scar healing insanely fast too. :)

genderist said...

Oh, yeah... I'm too sexy for my scar, too sexy for my scar, too sexy by far...