Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I've decided.

When I take radiation in September, I'm definitely asking for the metachlorine blend. I think I'd be a great Jedi. The Hater agrees, and it's not even because I did the hand-wave on him, either.

Maybe it'll come with a lightsaber this time. Like my PET scan came with a pink baseball cap with a nerdy electron on it. Except this time I'd get a light saber, and I'm not even picky as to what color it glows.


bill said...

You're not going to get all green and wrinkled and live in a tree stump somewhere in a swamp, are you? And sound an awful lot like Fozzie Bear?

genderist said...

Idunno. Being wrinkly green wouldn't be a big price to pay to be a great Jedi. I'll be sure to get the full info on that blend before I officially order it.

nicole said...

Just keep us posted on the status of that light saber, G. ;)