Wednesday, August 09, 2006

bad boys, bad boys

Around three this morning The Hater got out of bed. I woke up, figuring he had slept for seven hours and was no longer tired, and turned over to go back to sleep. This morning he was very excited to tell me what happened...

He woke up to go to the restroom, and then he decided to get a glass of water. While drinking the water, he kept hearing a helicopter. He thought he was going crazy... until he opened the vertical blinds by the sliding glass door... and saw a police helicopter circling the field across from our apartments "with the search light and everything".

He stayed out on the porch for about twenty minutes watching the helicopter circle and listening to the sirens. Our apartment building is on the far side of the complex, so he couldn't actually see the police viehicles or anybody running around the field. He said he was waiting to see someone jump the fence into our apartment complex, but they never did. He was posed and ready to call 911, just in case.

My husband, the civic leader.

We would have watched the local news this morning to see the story behind the excitement, but we didn't because then we'd have to actually watch the local news. The local news networks around here are supreme hokey, so we don't watch them, unless a tornado threatens.

I'm sure one of my coworkers will fill me in...


nicole said...

It's cute that you say he was "very excited". Hee hee!

So did you ever hear what happened? I love feeling like I'm the first to witness the outcome of some breaking news story. Like we're all little mini-reporters.

genderist said...

It must not have been anything too exciting... but let's pretend that it was... it makes for a better story!