Thursday, February 16, 2006

stinky secrets

There's something that we all do, but nobody wants to admit it.

Have you ever been at work and needed to take a trip to the restroom? I know some people who refuse to go to the restroom at work... but I'm not one of those. If Mother Nature is calling, I'm not going to let the machine pick it up.

Actually, during a trip to Roatan, Honduras, I was with a bunch of people who refused to have a #2 because they didn't want to use the outhouse. I, not being afraid of the outhouse but being up to a challenge, was right up there with the best of them holding their movements... until Montazuma's Revenge caught up with me, at which point I supremely lost the simi-hold-it-marathon. But that's another story for another day.

In my line of work I have to be cognizant of making trips to the restroom, because nurses have the number one profession for the top number of bladder and urinary tract infections. So when you're working a ten hour day and you get to pee twice, it's a good day...

And lately when I've had to go take care of my personal needs... I've enjoied spending time trying to figure out exactly how much I'm getting paid to pee out of my hourly rate. And if it's a longer bathroom trip? It gives me more time to figure out how much I'm getting paid to wipe and wash my hands.

It's the little things that amuse me.


genderist said...

Clarification: That's not to say that I don't always wipe and wash my hands... I'm just implying that some trips require more wiping.

nicole said...

HAHA! That payment to pee thing was absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Loved it! :)

I know I have no choice but to answer the call of nature while at work. So when I first start a new job I try to case the joint: figure out which bathroom is the most remote and the most private. That restroom becomes what I and my friend call "The Panic Room."