Monday, February 13, 2006

D for duh

First of all, work was a booger today. I had a student and we didn't get to sit down until almost 5pm. It was nothing short of a zoo. The rest of the week I'm to be trained to be a clinic nurse (as opposed to the treatment room), so it should be only slightly zoo-like. We'll see how that turns out.

After the zoo I had a dinner meeting about Medicare part D. There was a big presentation about how the new Medicare stuff effected physicians' offices and such. The presenter made this joke about part D for Medicare, which is the prescription drug coverage section that is part of the new plan:

Do you remember when George Bush made those campaign promises to help the seniors? Medicare Part D was his answer for that, to help seniors get prescription coverage. As you know, it's not a great plan, but that didn't matter. He never promised to make a great plan...

I laughed very hard. The presenter said it like she was trying to be funny, and some people made little smirks and giggles, but remember that this is Oklahoma - a red state through and through... and I laughed first because I thought it was funny, I kept laughing because nobody else was brave enough to laugh out loud, and continued still laughing because then the presenter realized that she probably should't've made such a political joke. It was a tearful hoot.

Nobody thought it was quite as funny as I did, but the whole idea wrapped up his entire Presidency, fair idea with bad execution. It's only funny because it's true, if you can appreciate dark humor.

... and that was the funny ha-ha for the night...

If you're confused about which Medicare plan for which to sign up, you can go to this link for more information about which drugs are covered on each part D plan. For more information, ask your pharmacist how to make part D work for you.

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