Friday, February 03, 2006


Tonight after work The Hater and I will be heading here for a fantabulous weekend getaway. All day Saturday and half of the day Sunday I have an oncology conference. The Hater plans on taking other people's money in the poker room.

We're both excited about the trip. I've not really had an out-of-town adventure since we went home for Christmas. And although we had a great time, the drive-a-thon takes away some fun from the trip, not to mention always being on the go to see one more person before we leave. I'm hoping that this won't be as hectic.

The conference has two tracks -- one for nurses and another for physicians. I'm planning on going to some of both of them. Come Monday I should be way smarter.

I don't know if we'll have internet access, so be strong in my absence. I fare thee well.

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nicole said...

It will NOT be the same without you, genderist. Not in the LEAST!!!

Have fun for the rest of us! :)