Sunday, November 20, 2005

orange pride

It was a hummus kind-of morning, so I took my friend to eat at Zorba's, which is the greatest mediterranean restaurant in OKC. Getting ready to leave, a pause, a decision: which visor to wear? Do I grab the Duke visor? Do I wear my Yankee visor just to irk him? Or do I wear my power T?

Of course I reached for orange, and as I walked around the corner towards the door he smiles and says, "Going orange? That's gutsy."

In the car he talks about the 49ers, the NFL team in his heart, that even with the first draft pick this year they still suck. Not that I can say much for the Titans, other than I hope we get the first pick next year. I'm ready for another Music City Miracle.

We eat the second best hummus in the world (second only to the short-lived 'Kebab Cusine' in Murfreesboro, which was run by the best-cooking Syrian family with phenomenal hummus). Some guy the next table over leans and says, "Hey, is that a Tenenssee visor?"

(Special note: When I first moved to Uglyhoma I had to quit saying that I was a "UT" fan because people around here confuse that to mean Texas. And even though we are brilliant orange and they're dirty orange, the whole orange T confuses them, too. It's not often that someone will ask me if it's Tennessee garb.)

I glance at my friend, wondering if there's about to be a throw-down. It would be so typical for me if he was a Vandy fan itchy to chide.

He says he was from Jamestown, TN. He had worked for the Red Cross in Nashville and had travelled to the LBG with blood drives and such. He says, "What about Vandy?"

What about Vandy? They're on fire this year! But still, we lost to Vandy. We wouldn't deserve a bowl game even if that had been the only loss of the season.

"Well," he says, "I think they should fire Phil Fulter."

I agreed with him. It's time to clean house. And Phil Fulmer's gotta go, too.


Angry Dissenter said...

A guy from Jamestown?!?!?

Who? I probably know him.

Sue Richards said...

I orbit around orange.




genderist said...

I don't know who he was! It was one of those slightly awkward things where he and I obviously had something in common and wanted to talk about it, but the other five older people at his table didn't think it was appropriate or at least made crazy faces at us while we were talking.

I tried to contact you via our esp link, but your sever must've been down.